Welcoming Remarks


Selamat Datang, Wilujeng Sumping,

Welcome to Galuh University!


Why should you choose Galuh University?

Galuh University (GU) is a growing and continuously improving private university that promotes the empowerment of local wisdom at the more acknowledgeable position of the global sphere on the basis of quality assurance. GU is committed to service quality since “quality is our tradition”.

GU is located in Ciamis regency, about a kilometer to the north of the town Ciamis, or “the sweet city”. Ciamis is famous for a tourist destination, Pangandaran beach where local and international tourists deserves chances to enjoy themselves. GU is also concerned with the enhancement of the management quality of tourism services and sorts of business for local products. Our staple foods such as ‘Galendo’ and ‘Rangginang’ will always make you eager to come back to Ciamis.

GU is now ready to face the global challenge and access by maintaining overseas networking and collaborative relationship between and among universities.

As the rector of GU, I invite all of you to join and share with us to make GU our ‘pride’ and the center of excellences for human civilization. GU is also committed to your needs by offering excellent academic services at the faculties you will choose.





Dr. H. Yat Rospia Brata, Drs. M.Si.       

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